HR cloud: 3 essentials considerations to migrate

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HR cloud: 3 essentials considerations to migrate

HR Cloud is a buzz word today and even more “migrating existing HR systems into the Cloud”.
In the video below we cover 3 major considerations you may find useful if you’re considering this major step in your organisation.

HR Cloud? One of the major differentiators in the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions is the ability to make sense of your Human Resources data in such a way that you are able to use it across the entire  Human Resources spectrum of services. This combination of data, and therefore services, should be a one-stop-shop that is supposed to enable your workforce to take ownership of your HR functions.  Managers and employees should take care their own HR activities, and allow HR to deal with the more strategic nature of the business.

SuccessFactors Employee Central is the future of your HR department’s strategic move towards BUSINESS EXECUTION – for the first time making sense of your data, entirely focused on the end-user (your employees and managers) and adding a new twist to Employee and Manager self service. It takes care of complex HR processes in an intuitive way, enabling your workforce to own all of those previously-tedious HR management activities, such as leave management, corporate profiling, organisation management, job management, global localisation and compliance, and more.

During this SuccessFactors Show we discuss 3 major essentials that you need to consider when moving into the cloud:

  • Cloud or not Cloud
  • Migrating your existing data
  • The scary implementation


Check out also the Employee Central overview video.

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