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Interview with Thomas Otter – VP Employee Central

Employee Central – The top 6 questions answered.

SAP Johannesburg – Simone Zanetti (Allos CEO) for The SuccessFactors Show had the pleasure of catching up with Thomas Otter: Global Vice President, Product management – Employee Central at SuccessFactors at the SAP office park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thomas joined SAP in South Africa in 1995 and then a year later he moved to Germany. In 2008 he joined Gartner as lead  researcher in SAP and technologies.
When SAP acquired SuccessFactors, SAP asked Thomas to lead the Employee Central product team.

He gave us some valuable insight to the questions we posed:

  1. Employee Central is a relatively new but powerful addition to the SuccessFactors suite. It’s a very comprehensive HR solution in the cloud. How many implementations have been rolled out so far, globally?
  2. There is a lot of noise around data security in the cloud. How can we put these rumours to rest and clarify this matter?
  3. Is Employee Central focused specifically for customers with large staff numbers?
  4. What are the key points for implementation to consider when a customer wants to take HR to the cloud? Is the adaptation an easy one?
  5. What’s SAP strategy for HR? Is EC the natural evolution of Core HR on premise or simply a different option in the SAP portfolio?
  6. What does globalisation mean for our customers?

Of course the interesting territory for all companies is always cloud security and privacy, Thomas touched on the work SAP is doing with governments and companies in order to comply with legal requirements as a software vendor. “Security is fundamental to this business, we’re a bit like a bank. Companies trust us with their data. And you don’t put your money under the mattress and you shouldn’t put your data under the mattress. But we take our responsibilities towards your data very very seriously.”

Please check out the video to hear what Thomas had to say.

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