Goal alignment: 3 enemies and the easy solution

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Goal alignment: 3 enemies and the easy solution

66% of companies fail at aligning the performance to their people to the goals of their company.

In this video we show you the top 3 enemies of goal alignment and how to easily overcome these challenges.
The result is a company that runs smoothly with all resources performing in optimal direction.

The 3 enemies are:

  1. Failing to create clearly defined goals
  2. Not cascading the goals to divisions and individuals (personalising the goals)
  3. Not tracking the execution of the goals (without this phase, the rest becomes quite useless)

Aligning your workforce to your key strategic business goals and initiatives means that:
•    You are able to execute your business strategy;
•    Know that your workforce is doing what you expect them to do;
•    Tweak your strategy whenever needed because you are able to communicate change effectively.

These are just some of the benefits of goal alignment, there are many more.

From a Human Resources perspective you also have:
•    A visible performance process because your workforce knows what is expected of them;
•    Reward the real high performers in your business;
•    Support and coach those constructively who require it.

At the end of the day, isn’t this exactly what Talent Management is? The ability to execute a strategy to the highest expectations, with a workforce performing as a single entity, and each individual participating and loving the process along the way.

This blog is one of many that discusses how easy it is to align and execute business strategy as a component of talent management.

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