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System Administrator Role Mapping

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It is common perception that Role Mapping for System Administrators is complicated and very demanding for an existing company structure. Is it the same also for SuccessFactors?

In this video we show you the top 3 enemies of goal alignment and how to easily overcome these challenges.
The result is a company that runs smoothly with all resources performing in optimal direction.

The common headache when implementing an ERP system in your organization is constructing the required composite roles, including the relevant cost / profit centers and finally the detailed connections required, through multiple workshops and iterations, to individuals in the organization. THEN, finally, putting the roles through the GRC process to enforce segregation of duties. This can be quite a process to anticipate for any implementation.


SAP SuccessFactors is a pleasant surprise waiting for you. We are here to change your mind about how your roles are structure, affecting how your business is run and therefore manage even more effective business execution. Each module is pre-populated with sets of roles that are easily work-shopped and aligned with users in your organization. New roles can simply be added during the process and are as easily assigned. The whole concept of Self-Service HR for your organization simplifies the assignment of roles and takes away your greatest headache. Roles can also easily be mapped to job profiles, so a Recruiting manager can have a completely personalized environment when compared to Sales Director, who might require some more data analytics access.

Including an interactive organization chart that is easily created through the most base of information, automatically compiled through the system and easy to use, SAP SuccessFactors noticeably stands apart when it comes to implementation time. It allows for the automation of workflows within roles, such as approvals for various activities. The organization chart allows you to visualize these automated workflows in ways that were not possible before.

It is time to love implementing again….

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