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At Allos, we partner with our global clients to help them reach optimal levels of performance, by getting their greatest asset, their people, learn to love their work again, through consultative engagement and world-class solutions like SAP SuccessFactors Business execution solutions, Social collaboration through SAP JAM, Talento rapid deployment, and quality custom-developed digital content. As Head of Consulting services it is my privilege to not only engage with clients to understand how together, we can get them to accelerate their business and their people, but to also ensure that the Allos team remains at the cutting edge of Human Performance and Business execution solutioning and consulting - flexible, methodologically innovative, technically pioneering and always passionate about what we do.

Creative Consulting

“Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality.” – Arthur Koestler

As consultants we sometimes forget how jaded and blinkered we become. It’s not entirely our fault; being creative consultants is not always a boon. Clients approach us because they expect us to provide a solution to their challenges based on our extensive experience in a specific field or a unique service. And we, as consultants, in turn seek to leverage our methodologies, our templates, our best practices to expedite the solution and to guarantee replicable successes for the client. But unfortunately we tend to forget that no two projects – however similar […]

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What is the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design?

Introduction to ADDIE
When faced with the prospect of designing any form of instructional material a designer inevitably is faced with the question, “Where do I start!” There are many Instructional Design Frameworks or Methodologies available to guide you in the right direction, the primary benefit of following a structured approach being that they allow you to design projects quickly and efficiently. In this article we will look at the ADDIE model of instructional design, and more specifically, Allos’ revised ADDIE model.

The traditional method of development of e-Learning courses follow the “ADDIE” (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) pattern. This model provides […]

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What’s better, Custom or Off-the-Shelf e learning courses?

Clients often ask me if they should choose off-the-shelf e learning courses or whether they should have custom content developed. As with many training decisions, it really depends on your specific learning needs and the particular characteristics of your organisation.

There are some excellent off-the-shelf e learning courses available, covering a wide range of topics, ranging from leadership skills to accounting software training… and beyond.

The Pros
Off-the-shelf content does tend to be relatively cheap, compared to developing a custom course, because the developer is selling into a large, competitive market. In addition, as these developers have access to experts, communities of practice etc. to […]

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