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Allos Zoom. Powerful decisions from big data.

The realisation of the value of Business Intelligence and infographics has grown significantly over the past decade, firmly securing its role in the business decision making process. Visually represented data is easier to understand and can be processed faster and more effectively. Cross-referenced data, that can be important for decision-making, is also not clearly visible when presented in a simple report. The way in which the data is read is just as important as the data itself, if not more so. Allos, with eight years of proven Business Intelligence experience, has taken data analysis to a new level, starting from neural networks we have moved to machine learning and proprietary algorithms to achieve predictive information, based on historical data and patterns. The reports and dashboards we develop are not only powerful and effective, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our experience has culminated in ZOOM, the Decision Automation platform, a smart data visualisation tool with predictive analytic capabilities. Over the past decade organisations have spent millions on collecting data. ZOOM does not require you to have a single, consolidated data warehouse, in fact, ZOOM can visualise data from virtually any existing source you may already have. More importantly, we never access your databases.

The geo-based visualisation module will show you your data as you’ve never seen it before and you will be able to identify opportunities and threats that were invisible previously. The predictive analytics engine will enable you in understanding clients’ patterns and behaviours, predict and mitigate risks, and simulate powerful “what if” scenarios. With ZOOM, Managers don’t need a BI degree but can rather focus on their actual job, while relying on a simple, sharp decision support tool: with ZOOM, you can see all your data, without the clutter of complicated, often redundant, functionalities.

From any big (or small) data

From any big (or small) data

Via our ZOOM | Box™ it is possible to read data from virtually any existing source in your organisation.

Here’s a few examples: SQL servers, Oracle servers, Teradata, .csv files, MS Excel, MS Access, Cognos, SAP, Business Objects, shared drives (the list goes on).

This means that you don’t have to spend millions and wait years to have one consolidated data repository.

Advanced geo-reports

Advanced geo-reports

One of Allos ZOOM’s most appreciated features is the geo-based reporting system.

Seeing your data displayed geographically is not only a rewarding experience, but it also opens the door to a whole new level of intelligence. Ask one of the Allos consultants to show you the difference between traditional reporting and geo-based reporting with your data.

You’ll discover information that you’ve never seen before.

Empower Everyone

Empower Everyone

The final goal of Allos ZOOM is to enable everyone in the organisation to make better decisions, whether he/she is the CEO or a call centre agent.

The more people make better decisions, the more your company’s performance will increase, identifying potential threats before they become risks and highlighting opportunities before your competition does.

To enable this empowerment we made ZOOM easy and intuitive.

The Benefits of ZOOM

  • Reduce the complexity of the available data.
  • Eliminate redundant reporting.
  • Highlight the variables that can trigger decision-making processes.
  • Extract information that is not readily visible from simple data.
  • Negate the challenge of multiple organisational data sources.
  • Provide trends, behaviour and pattern analysis to aid predicting the best actions to take.
  • Delivers outputs that enable organisational cost reduction and business process optimisation.
  • Unlimited users