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Creative Consulting

"Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality." - Arthur Koestler As consultants we sometimes forget how jaded and blinkered we become. It’s not entirely our fault; being creative consultants is not always a boon. Clients approach us because they expect us to provide a solution to their challenges based on our [...]

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System Administrator Role Mapping

[The video of this Episode is here below] It is common perception that Role Mapping for System Administrators is complicated and very demanding for an existing company structure. Is it the same also for SuccessFactors? In this video we show you the top 3 enemies of goal alignment and how [...]

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Goal alignment: 3 enemies and the easy solution

66% of companies fail at aligning the performance to their people to the goals of their company. In this video we show you the top 3 enemies of goal alignment and how to easily overcome these challenges. The result is a company that runs smoothly with all resources performing in [...]

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Interview with Thomas Otter – VP Employee Central

Employee Central - The top 6 questions answered. SAP Johannesburg - Simone Zanetti (Allos CEO) for The SuccessFactors Show had the pleasure of catching up with Thomas Otter: Global Vice President, Product management - Employee Central at SuccessFactors at the SAP office park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Thomas joined SAP in [...]

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HR cloud: 3 essentials considerations to migrate

HR Cloud is a buzz word today and even more "migrating existing HR systems into the Cloud". In the video below we cover 3 major considerations you may find useful if you're considering this major step in your organisation. HR Cloud? One of the major differentiators in the world of [...]

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How important is the LMS administrator role?

Introduction An LMS is a powerful solution that can truly take an organisation to the next level of operational efficiency. But a solution of this nature can only be effective if it is non-intrusive, providing an organisational benefit while allowing employees to carry on with their respective day-to-day duties. To [...]

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